Air Receivers in Northampton

Air receivers are used to store compressed air. Air receivers also reduce operating cycles of air compressors and can remove some water and particles from the compressed air. We supply a large range of vertical and horizontal air receivers from 24 litres to 5000 litres capacity.

Air Dryers

Along with a wide range of industrial air compressors, Premier Compressor Services supply a comprehensive range of ancillary equipment across Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire.

Compressed air from any air compressor contains water that has condensed from atmospheric moisture after the air has been compressed, this can be harmful to most compressed air applications. Air dryers are designed to remove this water and water vapour from the compressed air.

Premier Compressor Services supply a range of refrigerant air dryers from FSN and energy efficient thermal mass refrigerant air dryers from MTA, these dryers remove moisture from compressed air to 3oC pressure dewpoint.

We also supply a range of energy saving adsorption air dryers from Donaldson with typical pressure dewpoint of -40oC or better.


Premier Compressor Services also offer line filters to remove particles down to 0.01 micron and oil down to 0.003 micron.

Condensate Management

Premier Compressor Services supply and install many types of automatic drain valves to discharge condensate from the compressed air system. Also a range of oil / water separators is available to clean the condensate.


Invest In Premier Compressor Services in Oxford

Here at Premier Compressor Services, we supply and install MTA and FSN air dryers in Northampton and Oxford. These efficient machines set the standard in refrigeration dryer technology, with an advanced design which is used by companies the world over, due to its combination of productivity and cost-efficiency. These air dryers provide a guaranteed low dew point.

These award-winning machines have been handpicked by the Premier Compressor Services team because they represent the best refrigeration air dryer systems available on the market today. However, if a better pressure dew point is required, we can also offer a range of desiccant dryers with dew points of down to -70oC.