Variable Speed Drive Compressors in Northampton

Variable speed drive compressors match the compressed air output of the compressor to the customer’s requirement by controlling the speed of the compressor. This can significantly reduce or eliminate off load running of the compressor and therefore reduce energy consumption. An added benefit is that system pressure fluctuations are greatly reduced.

Variable Speed Drive Compressors

Utilising innovative variable speed drive technology, these air compressors are able to control the speed (RPM) of the machine. These machines save energy by matching the output of the compressor to the compressed air system demand, thus eliminating or greatly reducing off load or idle running and fluctuations in system pressure when compared to a fixed speed compressor. The result of switching to variable speed drive compressors is less wasted electrical energy, which in turn reduces the operating costs of your business.

Save Energy & Money

Our variable speed drive compressors are all sourced from industry-leading manufacturers from around the world, and available for installation throughout Oxford and Northampton at great prices.

Proven to reduce energy consumption by up to 35%, switching to a variable speed drive is a smart investment for many businesses. If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a variable speed drive air compressor but are unsure where to start, Premier Compressor Services offer compressor energy efficiency surveys throughout the area. We’ll be able to provide you with tailored advice and recommendations for your site.

We Also Work Throughout Oxford

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