Rotary Screw Compressors

Rotary screw compressors are ideal for industrial applications where 100% duty clean, compressed air is required. They are low noise and can be sited within the factory.


Abac have been manufacturing air compressors for many years and have been a leading supplier in the UK market since 1991. The innovative Genesis range provides a complete compressed air workstation, including compressor, air receiver, air dryer & line filtration. There are also variable speed drive options. Abac also provide and extensive range of stand-alone rotary screw compressors.


Alup provide a range of larger fixed speed drive industrial rotary screw compressors. The SCK range are cost effective belt driven machine, whilst the Largo range are high output, energy efficient direct driven compressors.


Almig have been manufacturing compressors in Germany since 1923. They manufacture an extensive range of high quality industrial rotary screw compressors. The range encompasses belt drive, gear drive, direct drive and variable speed drive, with compressor options in all power sizes. There is also a range of oil free machines.

Fini & Power System

Fini have been producing compressors in Italy for over 50 years, the range includes Micro, Plus and Vision belt drive machines and K-Max direct driven. The Power System range includes the G-Tec full feature packaged compressor.